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Geek attire is nothing special. As a matter of fact I do not believe Geeks follow particular fashion trends such as Hipster, or … well … I’m a Geek, so I really do not know what the fashion trends are. Geeks are more likely to wear what they like and what is comfortable to them. The closest Geeks get to fashion of some kind are the logos, pictures, or memes that will appear on their shirts, bags, or other apparel.

Now some people will argue that Geeks do try to follow fashions and try to dress accordingly. I think the best example of this is the character Wolowitz, on The Big Bang Theory. He dresses up, I’ll give him that. The skinny jeans he always wears are the closest thing to fashionable, but his pants along with his shirts are usually some kind of bright color. I do not think dickies (The fake turtle neck) he wears is in style. His Beetles haircut went out of fashion about fifty years ago. These types of Geeks are trying to imitate the fashion styles they see, but just don’t quite get it.

Geeks tend to find a “uniform” to wear. These are usually the same clothes, but with different colors or something. Sheldon is a perfect example of this. He always wears a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve shirt over it. The t-shirt always has the logo of a superhero or a funky design. The one true reason Geeks like to wear a “uniform” is it is simply comfortable.

I am guilty of having a uniform. During cold weather I always wear a hoodie and I have a long sleeve t-shirt on underneath, but you would never know it, because I don’t take the hoody off. It is the most comfortable thing to me. I have decorated my hoodies with various anime logos. During warm weather you can see my Geeky t-shirts.

I’ve now added a stylish cap to my uniform. The cap is usually called a driver’s cap or gentleman’s cap. I like to wear it backwards. The truth is I like to wear the cap to protect my bald head from the sun and cold. Yes, this is where you insert the old joke.

There are those Geeks that just don’t care about their appearance. These Geeks tend to get a lot of grief for how they look. They will have messy hair, clothes are in disarray, and if they wear glasses, these are usually so dirty they can barely see through them. I feel for these Geeks. Usually there is a lot going on behind the scenes that have led them to this place and they are the ones who need support the most.

There are great things going on for Geeks today. There are so many different fashion styles it is easy to blend in as fashionable. It is even fashionable to make your own style. Being a Geek and dressing like a Geek is now fashionable, unlike 30 or 40 years ago. Dressing like a Geek was mainly because of a lack of fashion skills that invited ridicule and bullying.

We Geeks of yesteryear blazed a very rough path to acceptance. It is because of us older Geeks who endured our younger years of torture to become successful is why Geekdoms are much more accepted now days. So, if you are a Proud Flag Flying Geek of today, you should thank one of your Geek ancestors.

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